Cafe Store by X2 Create Multiple Design

X2 Create Multiple Design Shows The Turning Back Time Cafe Store

X2 Create Multiple Design, the author of the displayed design Turning Back Time - Cafe Store by X2 Create Multiple Design illustrates, Following the vapor puffed out the coffee machine, the intensity of linear structure seems to be turning back time <Cropped>

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Wooden Tableware:kamiyama Shizq Project by Kiyoharu Hirose

Kiyoharu Hirose Shares The Kamiyama Shizq Project Wooden Tableware

Kiyoharu Hirose, the creator of the highlighted project Wooden Tableware by Kiyoharu Hirose spells out, One and only beauty. A stack of annual rings is a design that only the nature that the mountain of the god of Japan raises. Technology that lasts <Cropped>

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Installation Space by Hk Trade Development Council

Hk Trade Development Council Illustrates The Hk Fashion Week Installation Space

HK Trade Development Council, the lead designer of the awarded design HK Fashion Week - Installation space by HK Trade Development Council explicates, To uplift the image of the 2016 HK Fashion Week from a sourcing fair to a marketing show. A welcom <Cropped>

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Award Winning Floral Dress by Gabriel Cetrez Fashion

Gabriel Cetrez Shares The Floral Dress by Gabriel Cetrez Fashion

Gabriel Cetrez, the maker of the highlighted design Floral Dress by Gabriel Cetrez by Gabriel Cetrez says, The inspiration of this SS-16 collection is an intersection of contemporary and vintage fashion. In the context of Ready-to-Wear, the possibi <Cropped>

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Lobby by Yiming Li

Yiming Li Illustrates The Pine Lobby

Yiming Li, the project leader of the displayed work Lobby by Yiming Li demonstrates, Mirror stainless steel is adopted to decorate the columns and beams to welcome-pine sculpture shapes. It creates modern art atmosphere into the lobby . The floor is <Cropped>

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Urban Tour-X-Transportation Design For Touring by Songming Fan

Songming Fan Creates The Urban Tour-X Transportation Design For Touring

SongMing Fan, the maker of the highlighted design Urban Tour - X - Transportation design for touring by SongMing Fan explicates, UT-X is set in some tourist district, so that visitors can easily lease, and use that in a circle. People is half stand <Cropped>

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Charling by Bolllicine by Alessandro Fedalto

Alessandro Fedalto Shows The Charling by Bolllicine Sparkling Wine Bottle

Alessandro Fedalto, the maker of the award winning design Sparkling Wine Bottle :CHARLING by BOLLLICINE by Alessandro Fedalto demonstrates, The BOLLLICINE bottle is the perfect environment for the Sparkling Wine becase the spheric body allowed to les <Cropped>

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Private Appartment by Penka Stantcheva

Penka Stantcheva Shares The Project 155 Private Appartment

Penka Stantcheva , the creative mind behind the award winning project Project 155 - Private Appartment by Penka Stantcheva illustrates, A 200 m2 private residence infront of a park with a perfect view of of Vitosha mountain. Three zones were created <Cropped>

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Lamp:magellano by Aldo Deli

Aldo Deli Illustrates The Magellano Lamp

Aldo Deli, the project leader of the displayed design Magellano - Lamp by Aldo Deli points out, Magellano was born from the idea of a simple movement of two cylinders which, when sliding, lengthen or shrink: the concept of a telescope. The insertion <Cropped>

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Packaging:scw Chocolate Packaging by Ning Li

Ning Li Designs The Scw Chocolate Packaging Packaging

Ning Li, the creator of the awarded design SCW Chocolate Packaging by Ning Li points out, Salzburg Chocolate Werks is a special edition that is designed for celebrating the 100th year anniversary. The packaging design was inspired by Egon Schiele‚Ä <Cropped>

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